Prince Harry explains the reasoning for his description of Queen Camilla as “dangerous” in his new book…

The Duke of Sussex, who is 38 years old, spoke with Michael Strahan about the book during an interview that aired on Monday and will be available for purchase on Tuesday.

During the episode, Strahan said in a voiceover that Prince Harry wrote about family troubles with his father King Charles III and his wife Queen Camilla, who were married in 2005.

“You said that when your father married Camilla, you had “complicated thoughts about getting a stepparent, who I believed had lately sacrificed me on her own PR altar.” In your opinion, what action has she taken at that point?” During their conversation, Strahan inquired about it.

Prince Harry expressed his affection for his stepmother by saying, “I have a big lot of compassion for her, you know, being the third person inside the marriage of my parents.” The phrase “third person” is a reference to Princess Diana’s well-known remark from her 1995 interview with Panorama in which she said, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

Diana was referring to Camilla and Charles’ years-long relationship, which overlapped with her marriage to the royal, “And how would you describe your relationship with Camilla at this point?” Strahan asked.

“We haven’t talked for a long time. Despite our many differences, I cherish each and every member of my family “Harry added. “Therefore, if I do run into her, we get along splendidly well with one another .

She does not strike me as the kind of stepmother who would be malicious. I see someone who has married into this organization and has done all she can to boost her own status and image, for her own benefit. ”

“You said in your article that she launched a campaign in the British press in order to clear the path for a marriage.

You also added, “I even wanted Camilla to be happy,” which is really interesting. Perhaps if she was more content in her life, she might pose less of a threat.” Cooper asserted this, citing the source material. “In what ways may she be dangerous?”

In reference to Camilla’s relationship with the media, Harry said that the fact that she was cultivating contacts inside the British press made her a threat. “That made her dangerous because of the links that she was creating within the British press.”

“In addition, there was an obvious eagerness to exchange information shown by both parties, because of this, there were going to be individuals or bodies left on the street, despite the fact that she was on her way to becoming Queen Consort.”

Camilla was given the title of Duchess of Cornwall after Charles and Camilla’s wedding in April 2005, at which time they became husband and wife.

Following the demise of Queen Elizabeth, Charles succeeded to the throne as King Charles III and conferred the title of Queen Consort upon his spouse.

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