Prince Harry says he “is making sure the Queen is surrounded by the right people”…

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s appearance at the Invictus Games in over the weekend had been widely anticipated, their stop in London to meet the Queen (and Prince Charles) on their way to The Netherlands was a complete surprise.

Prince Harry has spoken up about the reunion with his grandmother and said that he is ‘ensuring that she is safeguarded.’

Prince Harry expressed his delight at the opportunity to meet the Queen once again.

When asked about the encounter with his grandmother, the duke described it as ‘wonderful,’ noting that” It was so lovely to see her; when it comes to me, she always has a terrific sense of humor. In the meanwhile, I’m simply making sure she’s safe and that she’s surrounded by the appropriate people. ”

The nicest thing about Harry’s grandma, according to him, is “her sense of humor and her ability to perceive the funny in so many different situations,”

‘It’s a truly unique friendship between us,’ he continues.”  I am able to speak to her about topics that she is unable to discuss with anybody else.”

When asked whether he would be attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee festivities in June, he said that he does not know yet as there are several concerns with security and other aspects of the event as he “does not believe his family would be secure while in the country if this permission is not granted” but also noted that he is attempting to do all in his power in order to make it feasible to introduce his children to her.”

In the months leading up to their flight to The Hague, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not been to the United Kingdom as a couple since they announced their retirement from royal life in March 2019.

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