“Purification on the go”… This air filtering technology can…

Wearable air purifier with a set of noise-cancelling headphones built in is Dyson’s most unusual product to date, and it is available for preorder now. The Zone headphones – the first headphones Dyson has offered – were unveiled with few details, excluding the price, battery life, and how much the headset weighs.

Using its current air filtration technology, Dyson claimed it began internal discussions in 2016 about creating some form of “purification on the go” solution that could be used on the go.

In the course of first experiments in Beijing, which was notoriously dusty, the business came up with the notion of including noise-cancelling headphones.

Making this change also allowed the team to redesign the headset so that air filters could be put in the earcups, which helped to reduce some of the unusual bulkiness that had been present in prior prototypes.

Upon completion, the Zone will employ a visor to route “a constant stream of filtered air to your nose and mouth without touching your face,” , which will aid in the reduction of nasal congestion.

Another additional attachment will also be made available, which will enable users to transform the headphones into a sealed, full-contact mask. Based on how often the headphones are used, each filter would need to be changed after roughly a year.

According to the business, each filter is capable of filtering out 99 percent of particle pollution, depending on how much usage the headphones receive.

Some customers have complained that, despite the music and noise-cancelling technology, the buzzing of the air purifying equipment is still audible throughout their visit, but Dyson promises that further information will be released closer to the debut date.

It comes after Public Health England issued a warning that air pollution is the single most serious environmental danger to human health in the United Kingdom.

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