Rebel Wilson had an unexpected announcement for everyone

Rebel Wilson has a child!

The 42-year-old Pitch Perfect star confirmed her pregnancy through a surrogate on Instagram on Monday.

Wilson made her romantic relationship with fashion and jewelry designer Ramona Agruma public on June 9 with a charming Instagram photo of the two.

“I assumed I was looking for a Disney prince… “But perhaps what I actually wanted all along was a Disney Princess,” wrote the actress.

“It’s a pretty serious relationship, and they’re quite happy together,” a source told PEOPLE at the time. “It’s been really great for Rebel’s friends to see her so comfortable with someone.”


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Wilson told PEOPLE in May that her desire to have a mother influenced her choice to begin her “year of wellness” in 2020.

Wilson’s fertility specialist told her in 2019 that if she lost weight, she’d have a far greater chance of extracting and preserving her eggs. “He looked at me and said, ‘You’d perform much better if you were healthy,'” the actress told PEOPLE.

“I was surprised. “Oh my God, this person is really rude,” I thought. He was correct. I was carrying a lot of extra weight. It’s almost as if I didn’t consider my own needs. It was the notion of a future child’s requirements that motivated me to get better.

The Senior Year actor, who also suffers from the polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can impair fertility, finally shed more than 80 pounds. “It wasn’t my aim to lose weight,” she explained. “It was simply trying to be the healthiest version of myself.”

“I’d like to start a family. Because of the biological clock, I’m just going for it by myself right now. At the time, she told PEOPLE. “If I meet the proper person, that’s fantastic; they’ll be able to fit in with whatever occurs.”

“It’s fantastic that this technology exists.” “With surrogacy and sperm donors, you have so many alternatives,” she continued. “I first started thinking about fertility when I was 39, so you may think you’re too late, but there are women in their mid-40s who have had success.” “Take a look at Janet Jackson; she’s quite motivating.”

Wilson told PEOPLE that she met her new love interest “via a friend,” but she didn’t identify who it was at the time.

“We talked on the phone for weeks before meeting in person.” “And it was a great method for us to get to know each other,” she stated. “In that respect, it was a little old-school—extremely romantic.”

“I think that going through the process of discovering greater self-worth elevates what you want in a partner, so it’s nice to have someone who feels like an equal partner and be in a good relationship,” Wilson continued.

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