Reeves said he has suffered emotional distress because of a stalker who allegedly trespassed on the actor’s property at least six times between November and January

A guy accused of repeatedly attempting to break into Keanu Reeves’ house and leaving behind DNA testing equipment has been ordered by a judge to keep away from the actor.

Reeves filed a request for a temporary restraining order on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. He said that the harassment and stalking have caused him emotional distress.

Between November and January, Brian Keith Dixon, 38, reportedly trespassed on the actor’s property at least six times.

According to the restraining order application, Dixon attempted to break into Reeves’ home and then fell asleep in his backyard during one unwanted visit. He returned the next day, attempted to get into Reeves’ home once more, and then left behind a bag containing a DNA testing kit, an ominous message written to Reeves, and images.

According to the restraining order application, Dixon wanted to use the kit on Reeves to demonstrate that they were somehow linked.

Dixon reportedly continued to trespass on Reeves’ property, according to surveillance footage.

According to court papers, the Los Angeles Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation against Dixon, and officers advised Reeves to obtain a restraining order against him.

Matthew Rosengart, Reeves’ attorney, filed the petition against Dixon, who does not appear to have a fixed residence. Dixon has a delusional infatuation with Reeves and a criminal past in Rhode Island, with offenses including possession of burglary tools, vandalism, and disorderly conduct, according to the application.

According to the court pleadings, Dixon allegedly posted disturbing remarks and photographs of Reeves on his Facebook page, suggesting that he would hand over his “rights” to Reeves and that the actor could be “in charge” of him. He introduced himself as “Jasper Keith Reeves” in one message.

On Wednesday, the court approved Reeves’ plea and ordered Dixon to keep at least 100 feet away from Reeves and his girlfriend.

It was unclear if Dixon had received the court order.

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