Requests Made by Foster Children to Provide Food for the Homeless are Put on Display – What the Producers Do Next Will Make a Difference in His Life

In the seminar that he took to get his license to become a foster parent, Laterras R. Whitfield was the only single black guy who was interested in doing so.

In spite of the weird stares he received from other participants, he was certain that he was being a positive role model for young guys like himself, and he was excited to get started on his adventure as a foster parent.

The reason he enrolled in the course was because he intended to provide foster care for his nephew LaDarrion, who was seven years old, and ultimately adopt him.

Due to the fact that Laterras’ sister was addicted, she had to turn up custody of her son to Child Protective Services (CPS). Following this, LaDarrion was placed in many different foster homes for a period of seven months until his uncle took him in.

Laterras finally adopted his nephew in 2017, after having cared for him as a foster child for the previous two years. Laterras was moved by the whole experience, and as a result, he made a commitment to keep to himself: If he adopted a child again, the next one would be a teenager.

When Laterras was watching Wednesday’s Child one day, he learned about the Armani Green over the course of watching that episode.

The show’s producers got in touch with Laterras because Armani wanted to do something wonderful and meaningful during his section, and Laterras was quite enthusiastic about it. Armani wanted to feed the homeless.

When they were introduced, he had no doubt in his mind that Armani would one day become his son. The very following day, Laterras began the process of renewing his license to practice as a foster care provider.

On July 8, the day Armani turned 16, he was taken into Laterras’ care and put in his house. The next day, November 23rd, Laterras completed the formal adoption process for him.

Becoming an adoptive parent and providing a kid in need with a home and, more importantly, a loving family is the most selfless act one can do, despite the fact that doing so is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

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