Retiring office decided to do something different to make the memory of signing off duty after so many years extra special

Anyone who has seen the film Footloose will recall many fond recollections. If you visualize the situation, the last thing that comes to mind is a dancing cop from Footloose.

Perhaps this is why people are sharing viral videos that are sure to make you laugh on social media. Officer Cory Burrows has been with the department for thirty years and considers Footloose to be one of his all-time favorite movies. We can see why. He enjoys dancing. In fact, he is well-known across town for his dancing.

To make the memories of leaving off-duty after so many years even more precious, he wanted to do something unique to immortalize the experience. As he steps out of his police cruiser, he tells us how much of an honor and privilege it has been to serve the community, and then informs the camera he is going to have one final party. He then hops out of his squad car and shows us all his crazy Footloose videos.

The cop is well-known for his incredible dancing, so it’s no wonder that the video rapidly went viral and was widely shared on social media. He raised his hands in the air, danced joyfully, and cried out loud for all to hear, “It’s my final shift as a cop!”

Thirty years of serving and protecting is a long time, so he wanted to make his last shift especially special. After discussing it with his wife, he felt it would be amusing to sign off by mentioning his favorite movie and busting a move.

The cop quickly had everyone in stitches, and the video went viral. It became viral almost immediately. Everyone loves to see a cop having fun and not taking life too seriously, so it’s no wonder that the video was widely circulated.

Officer Burrows told FaithPot that while he has enjoyed serving his community for many years, he is looking forward to a well-deserved rest.

His wife said that having him at home will be a significant shift, but viewing the video brought a tear to her eye. She joked that she doesn’t know if it’s because he’s leaving a profession he’s loved for so long or because she’ll be stuck at home with him all day and night.

The pair are looking forward to retirement, and many movie marathons are likely in their future.

Officer Burrows made light of a sad situation by dancing in the street, footloose and fancy-free for all to see. Lisa Simpson-Barrows said in the video that it was a much calmer version of her husband’s dancing since he normally concludes the routine with show-stopping splits. Despite the fact that there are no splits in sight, the video went viral, with many people praising the officer’s exuberant dance style.

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