Richard Gere gave his dad an interesting surprise on his 100th birthday

“Pretty Woman” star Richard Gere may be one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors, yet he comes from a humble background. The actor grew up on a farm in Syracuse, New York, as part of a big family.

Doris Gere, his mother, grew up in Brooklyn, where she met her husband, Homer Gere. In 1945, the childhood sweethearts married and relocated to North Syracuse to start a family with their five children.

Despite having a big family because of their children, Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura, the couple raised them properly and instilled lasting values in them.

Furthermore, Doris, a homemaker, and Homer, an insurance salesman, did not have much money, but they strived to provide their children with the greatest education possible.

Richard thinks of his parents as real-life superheroes because they gave him the tools he needed to develop his creativity.

According to the “Unfaithful” actor, his parents encouraged them and hired tutors who helped them develop their talents. He acknowledged:

“We weren’t raised with a lot of money, and the scraping we had to do to have an education and music teachers was astounding.”

Richard respects his parents’ efforts despite the fact that he was not born with a silver spoon. During awards at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala on Tuesday, the actor recalled his youth and praised his father for being a nice guy, a value handed down to him.

Homer, according to Richard, never wanted anybody—not even strangers—to suffer. He stated that the elder Gere was passionate and frequently turned up to relieve anyone in need.

Homer turned 100 in May, and the actor celebrated with a private birthday supper at a Pasta Restaurant in their hometown.

According to the “Pretty Woman” actress, whenever it came to money and Homer couldn’t assist monetarily, he looked for other ways to aid, such as a smile or a hug. But, in the back of his mind, he felt driven to help in any way he could.

The on-screen great went on to say that his father started a Meals-On-Wheels program in his community, to which he committed the remainder of his life.

Homer loved a “cheeseball automobile because the trunk was the appropriate height for him to get the dinners in to carry around to his neighbors, so he didn’t have to bend over,” he stated.

Meals-On-Wheels America is a non-profit organization that serves thousands of communities around the country via various initiatives. The first of its sort was established in Philadelphia in the 1950s.

There is a lot of volunteering in the U.S., like bringing seniors healthy food, friendly visits, and safety checks, which lets them live on their own and with pride.

Richard asked his elderly father what drove him to become a Meals-On-Wheels volunteer during a heart-to-heart talk. Homer stated:

“There was an abandoned home where we got our start with Meals-On-Wheels.” We filled a void for folks as they became older. “I believe that when you can see someone else benefiting from your life in some manner, you can’t help but feel good about it.”

Richard responded by revealing that he only became a supporter of the initiatives because his father motivated him. Homer provided a good example for his son, who aspired to be a terrific father as well. However, children did not show up early for the actor until he was in his 50s.

Richard’s first marriage to model Cindy Crawford ended in divorce. During his second relationship, he fell for Carey Lowell, a former Bond actress twelve years his junior.

Richard believed that it was better to be late than never. The skilled TV actor, who began dating Lowell in 1996, did not reveal many specifics about their relationship until their marriage.

The “Unfaithful” actor raved about their love, saying they were ready to take it to the next level. It didn’t matter to Lowell that he had a daughter from a prior marriage, according to Richard.

“She’s transformed my life.” And marriage has significance. if you do it from the bottom of your heart. “It is a watershed moment for both of us.”

The couple had already had a son, Homer Gere II, before opting to walk down the aisle in a small wedding. Richard became a parent at the age of 50 and named his first child after his father.

The actor was overjoyed as he began his road to parenthood; it had been long awaited, so when it finally occurred, he got committed to the task.

He acknowledged his kid’s mini-me when commenting about his son as “my greatest delight.” He enjoys music, is a quick runner, and is quite intelligent. Very amusing. He rapidly discovered irony, a beautiful trait in any human being.

Richard never got tired of being a father, but his wonderful marriage to Lowell ended after more than a decade. The former Bond girl filed for divorce in 2012, claiming their lifestyle differences as the primary cause.

According to several stories, Richard desired seclusion and peace, but his second wife enjoyed partying. According to the insider, “They have a house in Bedford [NY] that he enjoys since it is peaceful and he enjoys being alone.” She enjoys being in the spotlight in North Haven.

The couple agreed to share custody of their kid, but there was a fight about the divorce settlement. They ultimately agreed after four years of court appearances.

However, both sides’ legal counsel refused to comment on the arrangement. Even though his marriage did not endure, Richard remained true to his family values.

In 2015, he stated that his kid is his top priority and that if the young guy does not approve of a proposal, he declines it. “Family is more essential than everything,” he says.

Richard had already found love again, this time in the arms of a Spanish feminist named Alejandra Silva.

Moving on, the couple grew their family. In 2019, the actor had his second child, a boy called Alexander. Another boy joined the beautiful family the next year.

Despite the different stages of his life, including marriage and parenthood, as well as his devotion to his family, Richard stays devoted to his father, Homer.

Throughout the years, he saw him as an “idol,” and he frequently drove about and visited people while supporting the patriarch’s Meals-On-Demand services. In 2010, the legendary actor stated:

“He was always my hero.”

Despite his age, Homer maintains his desire to assist others. Also, he never let his loneliness get in the way of his compassion; Doris died at the age of 91 in North Syracuse, leaving her husband a widower.

Richard is the son that many people hope for. He has remained close to his father, assisting and supporting him in whatever way he can while also celebrating him.

Homer turned 100 in May 2022, and the actor celebrated with a private birthday meal at a Pasta Restaurant in their hometown.

The pair spent the evening with other well-wishers who were ecstatic to be celebrating such a special occasion with the Meals-On-Demand volunteer. Richard’s relationship with his father demonstrates the actor’s appreciation for the elderly’s sacrifices and devotion.


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He is certain, like the 100-year-old, to carry on the same relationship with his children; after all, he feels the family is essential.

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