Robbie had a rough time growing up in an orphanage. However, fate had other plans for him.

Robbie was fortunate enough to discover a loving family at a young age.

The child was adopted when he was eight years old, and he had previously spent his childhood in an institution.

Now the boy receives great love and warmth from his new parents.

And the care and kindness that he receives from his parents, the boy returns to the world, taking care of the beings who need it most.

The youngster, with the help of his parents, looks after dogs who are either sick or elderly.

The boy does this because he knows that few people would want to take home such animals.

Being a very smart boy, Robbie understood in the orphanage that many parents want to adopt a newborn or at least a small child and he is unlikely to be lucky.

But fate gave a big surprise to the kind child.

And Robbie is very grateful for the gift given to him by fate, and his gratitude is expressed in his behavior and caring for animals.

Robbie also volunteers for a community animal care organization.

It would be great if there were many good people like Robbie and his family in the world, so that our younger brothers would be safer.

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