Rod Stewart’s reaction when he learned he would become a grandpa for the first time was hilarious

Ruby Stewart, Rod Stewart’s daughter, revealed her pregnancy on her Instagram page on January 2, 2023. The star’s daughter announced her pregnancy by posting a video of her baby moving in her tummy.

She said in the caption that the most lovely thing that happened to her in 2022 was finding out she was pregnant. Ruby said she was excited to see the child and told the child’s father, Jake Kalick, that she was expecting a boy with him.


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Rod’s daughter said that her son will be born in April 2023. Rudy’s relatives expressed their joy and congratulated her in the comments section.

The famed musician expressed his “joy” for the newlyweds. Ruby’s sister, Kimberly Stewart, joked about the infant having a “Stewart nose,” despite the fact that the photograph was too blurry to see such characteristics.

Ruby’s other sister, Renee Stewart, expressed her admiration for the pair. Penny Lancaster, Rod’s current wife of 15 years and Ruby’s stepmother, stated that she couldn’t wait to meet the little boy in early 2023.

Alana Collins Stewart, the legendary musician’s first wife, called the pregnancy announcement “fantastic” and expressed her joy for the pair. Ruby’s mother and Rod’s previous girlfriend, Kelly Emberg, expressed their excitement about seeing their grandchild and characterized him as a “miracle.”

Rod had more to say about having another grandchild than his simple response to Ruby’s social media post. The Stewarts were shouting, screaming with delight, and singing.

In addition to her pregnancy announcement post, Ruby uploaded two Instagram Story videos. Rod and the rest of the family were standing by her and her partner as they announced they were expecting a boy in the video clips.


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Rod yelled “Born a Celtic!” as he listened to the gender reveal in a short Instagram video he published on January 8, 2021. Ruby quips that hiring her father for their gender reveals is a good idea due to his passion, with one admirer noting:

“I love how Rod is such a caring and loving family man.”

Jake received a hug from his fiancée as the rest of the family rejoiced. Rod was so excited by the news that he started singing, “Another winkle in the Stewart family,” prompting his daughter to write:

“He’ll even compose a jingle for your unborn child.”

The infant boy was to be the iconic singer’s second grandson. It’s been years since the rocker became a first-time grandfather after one of his other children gave birth.

Rod became a first-time grandfather at the age of 66 in August 2011, when Kimberly gave birth to her first child, a baby girl. He and Lancaster were by Kimberly’s side as she gave birth at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.


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With all his hair, the celebrity [Rod Stewart] stated that Delilah [Stewart] believed he was a lion!
Alana, Kimberly’s mother, was among the first to greet the child she shared with Benicio del Toro. Three of Rod’s wives attended the conference, including his second wife, Rachel Hunter, and the singer stated:

“My happiness is indescribable.”


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Kimberly’s 32nd birthday coincided with the delivery of the baby. The artist returned to his daughter’s side the day after she gave birth to visit her and his first grandson.

He didn’t arrive alone, though, since his current wife, Alana, Sean, Kimberly’s brother, and their six half-siblings were present. Rod’s granddaughter, Delilah, will be eight years old in May 2020 and will be spoiled by her grandfather.

Rod admitted in an interview that having a grandson was “amazing.” He did acknowledge, though, that he didn’t get to see her as frequently as he would’ve wanted since she was timid with him.

Delilah believed he was a lion with all his hair, according to the actress! That didn’t stop him from falling in love with her and believing she was “beautiful.”

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