Ron Howard married his high school sweetheart, and the couple has been together for 47 years; despite having four children, they still go out on dates…

Ron, who is now the epitome of success in the entertainment industry, started his career as a child actor and worked his way up through the ranks.

The legend, who is 68 years old at this point, serves as a guide and a model for a great deal of aspiring performers.

Although it is undeniable that Ron Howard put in a great deal of effort to achieve his goals, there was a very important person rooting for him in the background: his wife, Cheryl Howard.

Although they have been married for over half a century, the beginning of their love story can be traced back to when they were both still in their teens.

When Ron and Cheryl were both students at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California, they first crossed paths with one another in the 11th grade.

According to the actor, there was an instant connection between the two young sweethearts, who were both 16 years old at the time. After that point, Ron never took his eyes off Cheryl or looked away from her.

On June 7, 1975, Ron and Cheryl finally married the wedding, three years after their unforgettable prom night and five years after they had been seeing each other. They have shown interest in having four children, namely Bryce, Jocelyn, Paige, and Reed.

On November 26, 2021, the record producer uploaded a photo on his social media account showing himself and Cheryl in London.

The actress could be seen leaning into her husband’s hug as both of them wore broad grins, which gave the impression that the pair was quite happy.

In the caption, Ron discussed the book that he and his wife had written together called “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family as a Gift.”

It was said here: “I write about my life growing up as a child actor, our unique family dynamic, and the time when Cheryl and I first met and fell in love. It was nice to reflect back on things.”

In addition to going on hikes together, Ron and Cheryl like going out for lunch together, and Ron is always sure to take pictures of these precious moments so that he can share them with his followers on social media.

It is wonderful to see Ron and Cheryl are still content with one another and in love after over fifty years of marriage. The happy couple celebrated 47 years of wedded bliss on July 7, 2022

“People say, ‘How’d you do it?’ There’s no method. There is no other strategy as crucial as communication, and it’s not even close.”

In addition to the need of communication, Ron has pointed out that chance also plays a role, given that it is impossible to forecast whether or not a pair will mature together.

In addition, another factor that contributed to the couple’s success in overcoming obstacles was Cheryl’s continuous support for her husband.

Because the actress has been by her husband’s side during his whole career, the two of them have gone through a variety of trials and tribulations together.

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