Salma Hayek Confronts the Public With Her Honest Opinions Regarding Angelina Jolie…

There are a number of famous celebrities that do not like the actress Angelina Jolie. One of these notable persons is the comedian Chelsea Handler. “She simply doesn’t strike me as the kind of lady who is honest.

She seems like the type of lady you should certainly steer away from.” During the time when Jennifer Aniston was going through the difficult process of divorcing Brad Pitt, the comedian, who is acquainted with both Brad Pitt and the celebrity, made some cutting remarks about the latter.

According to the comic Pitt’s drinking and smoking habits are believed to have played a role in the collapse of the Brangelina marriage. Handler stated what she had to say without mincing her words:

Jennifer Aniston is another another well-known individual that does not have a favorable opinion of Angelina Jolie. The actor from “Friends” also shared the same ex-husband with the actress from “Maleficent.”

In 2008, the actor from “Friends” complained to Vogue that the comments made by Jolie about how she and Brad Pitt met and fell in love while Aniston was still married bothered her because of their candor.

She characterized the comments as “inappropriate” and “uncool” in her response.

Actress Salma Hayek, who disagreed, said that she had a positive experience working with Jolie.

On August 18, Hayek said in an interview that Angelina Jolie was “the finest filmmaker I’ve ever worked with,” – this statement was in reference to the work that the two of them did together on the film “Without Blood.”

“She is really talented, and I consider this to be one of the finest examples of her work, in all honesty, she did an excellent job.”

Hayek praised the directing style of her co-star in “Eternals,” Angelina Jolie, and noted that she was astonished by the manner in which Jolie interacted with people on the set since she was so personable and kind to all of the crew members.

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