Sam Smith was banned from using dating apps for this amusing reason

Sam Smith isn’t on Tinder or Hinge—and it’s not because he’s a famous, Grammy-winning celebrity. Smith recounted how they were banned from dating apps after being accused of catfishing as, well, Sam Smith, in a January 23 interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Smith was open about their dating app history throughout the interview. “I’ve never used Grindr. “I tried Tinder once and was apparently kicked off.” “I was fired from Hinge because they believed I wasn’t myself,” they revealed to ET Canada. Someone, please contact Nev Schulman.

Smith, it appears, never verified their profile, a quick step that entails filming a selfie video to authenticate your identity. Once completed, your profile will receive a validated badge. “Well, I didn’t check my profile, so I should have done that,” said the singer.

Smith’s dating life has been going swimmingly even without the apps’ aid. “I’ve always been able to date,” they told ET Canada. Smith did not mention anybody in particular, although they were observed on a date (or what appeared to be a date) with Chris Cowan, a designer based in New York City, on January 16. Smith kissed the top of Cowan’s head in one shot taken on a walk-in in SoHo, New York. (Smith has been associated with François Rocci and Brandon Flynn in the past.)

More facts about their romantic relationship were revealed in an October 2022 interview with GQ. “I’ve only had three boyfriends in my life. They were all excellent instructors in their own rights. “And I believe it’s really affected how I’m in relationships today since I don’t need another person to point me in the right direction,” they remarked at the time. “I refer them to myself. “Because I am aware of who I am.”

Smith seems to have a positive outlook on romance. “And it’s gorgeous,” they said. Each and every relationship is unique. Every individual is unique. And I believe it is just learning your own language together.

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