Sarah Ferguson has said that if Princess Diana were still alive, the two of them would engage in friendly “granny-offs…”

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, made an appearance on recent episode of Good Morning America.

During her time on the show, she not only provided viewers with a glimpse into her life as a grandmother, but she also pondered what might have been had her close friend Princess Diana continued to live.

During her conversation, Fergie said that Princess Diana would be “extremely pleased” of her five grandchildren and that the Duchess of York and the Princess of Wales would undoubtedly participate in a little bit of friendly rivalry if given the opportunity.

That was what Fergie affectionately referred to as a “granny-off,” and now it’s all we want the royals to do (after they’ve finished bickering with one another, of course).

“I imagine we’d have a ‘Granny-Off,'” It was said by Fergie how well they would get along now if Diana hadn’t been lost in a vehicle accident in the year 1997. “Because she would run faster in the races, i can’t help but wonder—she’d most likely be funnier. No, I believe that I would be more humorous.”

Earlier in the month, Ferguson shared with media that she was looking forward to seeing her grandkids “Just accompany me everywhere I go like Peter Pan. I’m ‘Super Gran Pan!'”

Ferguson also stated that her grandkids “think I’m extremely amusing” — and are continually showing her new things.

“August is teaching me about trains.”  Ferguson also talked about her nephews, who have been in the headlines recently because of the disclosures disclosed in Prince Harry’s book, Spare.

She expressed her delight by stating, “What I’m excited about is seeing Harry so happy, he’s got his wonderful wife, and he’s got beautiful children. He is deserving of being loved in such a way.”

“I do not think that any one person has the authority to pass judgment on another individual.

I don’t feel qualified to provide any kind of judgment at this time, “After that, Fergie was done, “I have spent my whole life being judged, and I am unable to pass judgment on the Sussexes.”

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