Sarah Jessica Parker was compelled to defend her gray hair in response to criticism on the internet, stating that…

For many years, Sarah Jessica Parker has been an example to look up to. The lady is not just a very well-known actress with a respectable job but also a style icon in her own right. She is now 57 years old and gaining recognition for a new cause: the movement to enable women to mature in their own time.

When her gray hair went viral on the internet in 2021 and caused a frenzy, she replied in the best and most age-positive manner that was ever remotely imaginable.

Because of her wrinkles and gray hair, several people observed that she seemed to be in her senior years. Even while there were a few comments that were encouraging, the majority of folks were more concerned with how Sarah Jessica Parker had “let herself go.”

“There have been a lot of bad statements made in response to us that would never happen a bout A Man,” she said

Sarah Jessica was able to count on Andy Cohen’s unwavering support. The harsh comments that were made about her wrinkling and graying hair were, in his opinion, exceedingly unfair, and he agreed with her on this point.

After all, he was the one sitting next to her with a full head of white hair and his own wrinkles, so he was the one she was comparing herself to. Nobody commented on his appearance; rather, everyone was talking about Parker’s.

She stated that it turned into a talk about how courageous I am for having gray hair for months at a time, and the topic went on for quite some time. ” I pleaded with, ‘Please applaud the bravery of someone else in whatever,'”

SJP asserts that she does not see why she should spend so much time fretting over the condition of her thinning skin and hair. She is cognizant of the fact that maturing into an older age is a luxury.

It is unavoidable that it will take place. In addition, she does not subscribe to the theory that older women are less appealing than younger women due to the fact that they have wrinkles and gray hair. She asserts that now, in her middle age, she is better than she ever was in her youth.

As more and more well-known performers in Hollywood enter their golden years, we are seeing a greater push than ever before for the inclusion and acceptance of older ladies.

In spite of the fact that they have more experience, the majority of them do not want to become irrelevant or to be confined to a certain group of careers. They believe that stories should be created about women who are in their 40s, 50s, and beyond because these women are still capable of playing starring roles in plays.

This was the goal of the most recent episode of the long-running comedy Sex and the City, which aired a few weeks ago.

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