School cleaner fails to his knees when he finds out that he no longer has to…

Robert Reed currently works as the cleaner at Farmington Elementary School, which is located in Germantown, Tennessee. “I really like what I do,” he adds of his work.

Robert’s positive demeanor and tireless work ethic had won over the hearts of both his fellow students and the faculty members as he puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that the school is in good condition for them.

“There’s no work that’s too large or too little,” is what he says. “I want to make sure that the atmosphere that the kids are in is safe, clean, and sanitary.”

Because Robert did not have access to a car of his own, he was forced to ride three buses and walk two miles in order to go to school.

Even though he left work at three in the afternoon, he didn’t get home until seven on most evenings because of the drive.

When people learned how far the school janitor had to drive each day in order to go to work, they couldn’t believe what they heard.

It was common knowledge that the school janitor was putting money aside to purchase a vehicle. And his other students and teachers at the school came to the conclusion that they would assist him in accelerating the process.

And by the time the contribution period came to a conclusion, the school had collectively contributed a total of $10,000 to assist Robert Reed in purchasing his vehicle.

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