See how Swiss city decided to handle the situation with “beggars”…

It has reached breaking point with beggars in the region of Basel’s municipal limits, and in an effort to ‘clear’ the streets of them, the city’s immigration department is using a somewhat unique tactic.

Basle’s immigration authority is now providing these beggars free travel tickets to any place in Europe in exchange for committing to never return to the city.

In particular, they are giving train certificates as well as RM90 in cash to every beggar who agrees to the terms of the contract and in order to get the voucher, beggars must sign a formal contract with the Swiss government, stating that they would not return to the nation for a certain amount of time after receiving it.

And, if they are found to be returning, they will be deported without further notice.

In short amount of time, a total of 31 persons have taken advantage of this opportunity and have selected these locations, which are in fact the places where these people originally came from:

Country of Romania is number 9 on the list; Belgium is number eight; Germany is number seven; Italy is number two and France is number one on the list.

This current initiative is part of Switzerland’s overall anti-begging strategy, which includes a number of other initiatives as back in 2016, Switzerland passed a legislation prohibiting begging across its territory.

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