See how the “Disaster Girl” from the famous meme earned $500.000…

A photograph of a little child standing in front of a burning home went viral on the Internet in 2005 as many found the image  amusing given the events unfolding behind her.

The picture went on to become a meme, providing the ideal image for anybody wishing to portray a naughty or terrible incident in a humorous manner.

Zoe Roth recalls that in January 2005, her father Dave brought her to watch a controlled burn in their neighborhood of Mebane, North Carolina. A managed burn is a fire that is lit purposely to clear a property.

Dave, Zoe’s father, was an amateur photographer, who managed to capture Roth’s naughty grin in this shot.

The shot was awarded a photographic competition in 2008, and after being released online, it soon gathered popularity and became a viral sensation.

The Roths have ensured that the NFT is stamped with a coding that permits them to preserve the copyright while also receiving 10% of any future meme sales earnings.

Roth said she has appreciated seeing her face in the meme and its numerous versions over the years as it fits to any life situation.

Her piece was auctioned off as a non-fungible token (NFT), which is a digital ownership certificate and  the original copy of the meme was sold to an NFT collector for 180 Ethereum, which is a sort of money.

Roth also stated that she is planning to give a part of the money to charity and use the remainder to pay off her education obligations.

She also said that it still amuses her that “her” meme shot has not lost its relevance up to this day like many other memes did.

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