See what employees have to say one year after the scandal around “The Ellen” talk show…

After being put into the spotlight over allegations of a “toxic workplace” on the set of her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres has now been out of the spotlight for a year as the media company initiated an internal inquiry into these allegations.

Now program source is telling that the set has a “somewhat different climate these days”.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, the company announced that executive producers of the show, as well as co-executive producer , had voluntarily stepped back from the program due to misconduct allegations that had been made.

“I take it very seriously, and I want to express my heartfelt apologies to the individuals who were harmed,” DeGeneres said in an apology monologue. ” I am very aware of the fact that I am in a position of privilege and power, and I have recognized the need of accepting responsibility for the events that occur during my performance.”

Later, DeGeneres addressed the allegations that she is much different on-air than she is in person, despite her commitment to “be nice,” which she concludes every program with.

“There were also pieces in the press and on social media that said that I was not who I looked to be on television, since I became known as the ‘be nice’ woman,” she added.  She says that she really believes that people  need to be nice to each other more than ever right now.

As the insider said, “Ellen believed there was a slim possibility she might turn things around this season, but she was unable to do so.”

One former staff member voiced concern that DeGeneres had never accepted responsibility for her own activities on her own time.

Former worker claims that DeGeneres has an “ego so large that it is hard to believe she’ll ever confess to having done anything wrong,” and that the only thing everyone expect from Ellen is to comprehend what occurred rather than dismissing it.

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