See what happened when emergency service received a call asking to stop the wind…

Woman has phoned the Niagara Falls Police Department, which is situated in the western New York county of Niagara County, to inform that heavy winds are preventing her from sleeping well.

A number of cities and towns in Western New York were affected by severe winds, causing electricity lines, trees, and roof tiles to be blown down; nevertheless, the emergency services were able to deal with all of this in one way or another.

Yet an emergency phone call from a relentless lady who requested that the police cease the strong winds from blowing because they were too loud and were stopping her from sleeping was received by a dispatcher.

This was sent to the officers on patrol through intercom, with the dispatcher asking that “all vehicles be informed, someone phoned to check if police officers could stop the wind from blowing so they could sleep, if any of you guys can accomplish that, could you please let me know?”

The brief message was published to The Action, and the audio has been watched more than 90,000 times and shared almost 1800 times.

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