See what made the famous TV host break into tears after his dance performance…

Following an outstanding performance of a Venetian Waltz to Shannon Noll’s Don’t Give Up, the 44-year-old broke down in tears, while the judges gave Grant Denyer and his dance partner Lily a perfect score of 40 for their efforts on the night.

“I haven’t felt uncomfortable, anxious, or emotionally exposed in a long time. I’ve spent my whole life as a cheerful television personality who makes it seem as though everything is okay.” Grant said.

However, it is not the way things work in real life. It’s quite okay to struggle. It is okay to be harmed and it is perfectly okay to hit rock bottom because, “with a little love and a little support, you can climb out of it, as was the case for me.”

It was at this point that the TV presenter broke down, explaining why this particular song meant so much to him at the time.

Grant said that he was living the profession of his dreams, leaping out of helicopters and battling crocodiles but, unfortunately, he damaged his back and his body was breaking down as he had crushed into a stone wall.

Since a frightening truck accident in 2008, in which his spine was fractured into 11 pieces, Grant has been using many painkillers and it developed into a habit. He also thanked his family stating that due to them he managed to go through everything.

After acknowledging his mistake, he said that he went through a “really dark phase” in which he had to do a lot of “healing.” And through his own experience he learned that  it’s okay to make mistakes as it’s all part of human life.

He said that his experience and dancing to that exact song made it quite difficult to perform but he managed to climb his way out of the hole.

TV host confessed that the performance was crucial to him and he now feels like he can finish that chapter of his life with a little bit of love and forgiveness.

At the end of his speech he also noted that while many may think dancing is not something important and will consider the performance just one of many, it has been vital for him in his healing process.

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