See what this man did to make her wife smile again…

The couple (Kurokis) had a pleasant life as dairy farmers in rural Japan, where they had two beautiful daughters.

They relocated to this dairy farm immediately after their marriage in 1956, and have lived there ever since.

Somehow, wife’s sight was abruptly taken away due to consequences, which seriously affected her and she started to isolate herself from people  as she was feeling very unhappy and spend more time indoors as a result of her sadness .

Mr. Kuroki tried to come up with a solution to cheer up his wife till he had a brilliant idea at the last minute.

He decided to create a flower garden for her to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers, inviting her to go outdoors.

After two years of hard labor and thousands of blooms, the private farm has blossomed into a popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors each year from all around the globe who come to see this true-life love story in action.

And, perhaps most importantly, Mrs. Kuroki gradually emerged from her shell to take pleasure in the garden and she now greets each day with a grin.

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