Seniors, who are very talented on the dance floor, motivate the crowd to get up and start moving about…

Swing dancing earned Sam and Ellen, both high school seniors at the time, first prize in the Grand National Dance Competition in 2017.

The audience was intrigued to watch the old couple make their way out onto the dance floor; however, they completely astounded everyone when they started moving to the tune of “Gonna Move Across the River,” which was playing.

They worked together to improve the lindy hop and included their own brand of dancing routines into it.

These moves included swing spins, rapid steps, and dips that went all the way down to the floor.

The dance that Sam and Ellen performed was praised by both the judges and the audience for its stunningly lovely quality.

They never missed a step, and their dancing seemed more like floating through the air than moving their bodies.

The audience recognized and appreciated the couple’s sense of style as well as the effort that they put forth, but the fact that they were both seniors made it all the more remarkable that they were able to move in such a manner.

People felt a huge amount of satisfaction in what they witnessed.

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