Shaq surprised a stranger with a generous gift, as he… Thanks to him, the boy was able to…

A stranger’s engagement ring was purchased at local jeweler’s store in Atlanta, Georgia, thanks to a kind gesture from former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, ‘Shaq.’ The former NBA star player received widespread appreciation on the internet.

Shaq is seen handing the clerk his own credit card to pay for the ring in the video, which was shared to his Instagram account. He is then seen shaking hands with the guy and expressing his congratulations.

The great player was in a Zales store in a McDonough shopping center when he happened to see an engaged couple shopping for an engagement ring.

Although this is not the first time he has done a charity, the former basketball player has done so several times. In addition to donating money and time to charity, the former Lakers player also has his own foundation, which is active in a variety of charitable endeavors.

On the TNT Postgame Show, a host inquired about the former player’s generosity, and the former athlete responded that he had to get the guy agree for him to pay off the ring. “I  said, ‘Hey, how much do I have to pay to pay off the ring?’ then I repeated my question as  the young guy had previously refused to accept money from him.

After explaining that he heard the customer inquiring about payment plans, Shaq says that he has agreed to pick up the item later after paying the entire price.

As a result, he made the decision to come forward and assist the diligent guy in surprising his fiancée. “This is something I do on a daily basis,” he said, citing a number of similar events.

“I like making others happy, so every time I leave the home, I make an effort to do something pleasant for someone. Just trying to make people happy is all that I’m attempting,” he said.

When the video went viral, many people expressed their gratitude to him for his thoughtful and polite demeanor.

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