Sharon Stone Was Given the Wrong Diagnosis; She Actually Had a Large Tumor…

After receiving a devastating incorrect diagnosis, “Basic Instinct” actress Sharon Stone has been utilizing her social media platforms to bring attention to various health concerns.

The actress posted a message on her Instagram Stories advising her followers to never overlook the importance of getting a second opinion from a qualified medical professional.

The actress said that she was given the incorrect diagnosis and forced to go through the wrong operation before she sought a second opinion, which showed that she had a huge fibroid tumor that needed to be removed.

It seems that everything worked out in the end, as she wrapped off her message with some encouraging information, stating that she had since obtained the appropriate medical attention and that she should be healing in about a month’s time or approximately.

Her latest struggles in the medical field will not be the first time the actress from “The Specialist” has had to cope with health problems. During an interview with Today’s Willie Geist, Stone remembered an incident that occurred many years ago in which she had a stroke, which was followed by a brain hemorrhage that lasted for nine days.

She distinctly recalls speaking with her mother on the phone and urging her to get to the hospital as soon as she could.

When asked what she was experiencing at that time, Stone responded by saying that the silence in the room gave her the impression that something was very wrong.

She stated that when the room becomes as quiet as hers was, it can only indicate that no one is running to help her, and it can only imply that the situation is very serious, and that she is very near to passing away.

Thankfully, the actress made a full recovery. Stone’s career suffered while she was recovering, and it took her a very long time to get back on her feet after that.

On the other hand, she has made the decision to learn from her experience. Today, she makes the most of every moment of her life and cherishes the time she gets to spend with her sons, reasoning that “what’s better than that?”

Stone’s progress in her recuperation allowed her to get a valuable perspective on what is really essential in this world.

She has a greater appreciation for what she calls her “second life” and claims that she enjoys herself more when she is able to spend time with the people who are important to her, including her kids Roan, Laird, and Quinn.

Stone said in her speech of acceptance for the Mother of the Year Award in 2017 that while parenthood did not come easily for her, it came tenderly. She said that they were a blessed and joyful family, adding that she and her sons would always choose love above any other emotion.

The affection that exists between a mother and her sons is reciprocal, and the sons speak highly of their mother as a wonderful, kind, and loving person.

Roan said that his mother had instilled in him several important lessons for life, one of which was to treat other people the way you would want them to treat you.

Since she became the adoptive mother of her boys Roan Joseph, Laird Vonne, and Quinn Kelly, respectively, in the years 2000, 2005, and 2006, her house has never been the same. She added, “At this point in my life, I am blessed with more love, assistance, friendship, and compassion than at any previous moment.”

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