She has been sending fan mail to the 1980s actor Willie Aames for the last three decades, and the couple is now married…

Winnie Hung began writing fan letters to the Christian celebrity Willie Aames, who was a well-known actor in the 1980s, while she was only a toddler.

Her correspondence with him lasted for nearly three decades, and they finally got engaged and married.

It was love at first sight for Willie when he first laid eyes on Winnie Hung, and they became inseparable. It seemed to him as if he had always been acquainted with her. And a letter was the first step in the process.

Willie Aames was a cast member on a number of different television programs, including Gunsmoke, Adam-12, Eight is Enough, and Charles In Charge. And Winnie had been one of Willie’s biggest supporters for many years.

Therefore, she decided to write him a letter on a whim, and Willie reacted to her letter by giving her a call.

Willie Aames was Winnie’s  favorite performer, so when she initially heard that it was him calling, she couldn’t believe it and ended up hanging up on him”. “When I phoned her again, she told me, ‘It can’t be you,” he recounted her response.

The three years that followed saw the couple maintain their close friendship, right up to the point when actor Willie Aames hit rock bottom.

He was fired from his work, fought to remain sober, and eventually discovered who he was. Even he had no house at one time in his life.

He was finally successful in finding employment as a cruise director, and it was during this time that he was introduced to Winnie for the first time.

During a stop in Vancouver on their cruise, the two people made the decision to finally see one another in person. Neither one of them had any idea that the other would be the catalyst for a positive transformation in their life or that God was bringing them together.

Willie recounted, “That day, all it took was one glance at her for me to realize what I needed to do.”

At first, Winnie was hesitant, but after some time, she came to the conclusion that marriage was what God had always planned for them.

The narrative of their relationship demonstrates that it is never too late to discover love.

Willie remarked, “I’ve never been happy. I’ve never had a more positive outlook on life and opportunities, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Winnie at my side. It had to work out this way.

As I was saying, I met her at a time in my life when I had gained sufficient knowledge to not be looking for anything; thus, the most natural thing could have occurred.”

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