Shelter workers reunited the pet with the owner… Dog was so happy…

The thought that people would have to give their pets to an animal shelter is unthinkable for the vast majority of dog and cat owners. However, life may play some very harsh cards from time to time, and, sometimes, they are forced to make painful choices as a result.

For one homeless youngster, abandoning his dog, Jada, was the only alternative he saw as a feasible one and took her to the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi, in the hopes that they would be able to assist him in providing Jada with a better life.

Shelter employees were moved to tears by his gesture of kindness toward his dog and were determined to find a method of helping both the boy and his dog.

The story was published on the Facebook page of the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter, which said, “He is 17 years old and claims to reside beneath a bridge in Tate county. After walking her the whole distance to the shelter, he asked us to take her since he couldn’t afford to keep her any longer. ”

To the employees, it was obvious that Jada and her owner had a very deep attachment and, therefore, they wanted to see the couple reunited if at all feasible.

The shelter’s director said, “We’re a shelter, so we’re worried about the dog, but ultimately we were concerned about him and his ability to get off the street and get some assistance. He  provided us with a little bit of information about himself, and we were able to send that information along to some people who might assist him.”

It was never specified where the homeless youngster had been residing or why he had run away from home in the first place, but, fortunately, the kid had been successful in finding accommodation, and the great reunion was able to take place as soon as he had found a place to live.

Jada couldn’t have been happier to see her closest buddy again — and the sentiment was mutual, and, hopefully, these two will never have to be apart again in the future

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