Shemar Moore’s late mother blessed her son’s house after waiting for grandchildren. First days and pictures of Frankie Moore at home were shared

Shemar Moore and his fiancée, Jesiree Dizon, aged 39, published images of their newborn baby daughter, Frankie, on January 30, 2023. The tiny girl was shown wearing a sherpa with a hat wrapped into a bow in one of Dizon’s photos.

In another photo, Shemar’s girlfriend kissed her daughter on the forehead. In honor of the arrival of her third child, the model posted pictures in which she posed joyfully with Frankie.

When her parents released photos of her, she was just six days old. Dizon captioned the photo, saying she’d call her daughter “squishy” and that the child was hers.

Frankie Melelina Kapule Moore, the young girl’s complete name, was also disclosed by the model. Shemar’s first child was born on January 24, 2023, at 3:38 p.m., weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz. and measuring 20 inches in length.

Dizon also revealed how Frankie’s winning homecoming attire was chosen by her fiancé. The “Young and the Restless” star also shared a photo of himself and his daughter, demonstrating their relationship.

Shemar offered followers a glimpse into how the tiny girl was bonding with him as a first-time parent at the age of 52 on the same day Dizon revealed her touching images of her newborn baby. He posted an Instagram snapshot of young Frankie asleep on his breast.


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The “S.W.A.T.” actress sat on a couch while wearing a “baby girl” cap. The two appeared to be pleased in each other’s company, with one admirer expressing her delight by writing:

“You are very stunning, Shemar, and you are going to be an excellent father.”


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The follower expressed gratitude to the actor for sharing his “special moments” with his fans. They also mentioned how Frankie will offer Shemar happiness and joy, and they encouraged him to build as many memories as possible because children grow up so rapidly.

In another social media video, the singer showed how he welcomed his daughter home and introduced her to the family pets. He also discussed how his late mother influenced the house Frankie would reside in.

Shemar posted an Instagram video of a portion of his home on January 26, 2023, along with a tale about his daughter’s arrival and how his late mother blessed the house. In the photo’s description, the actor said that he was drinking wine as he drove Frankie home.


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He also introduced the small girl to his dogs, Tyson and Rocky, and characterized the day as a “wonderful” one. The actor also revealed that on January 26, 2000, his mother, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore, stood before the house and blessed it with a plaque.

Christina Cindrich, the star’s producer, commented on the tape, saying the star’s mother had “been waiting for this day.” Cindrich hoped Shemar felt his mother’s presence around him and knew she’d always be there to protect her granddaughter.

She also thought that no one would interfere with Frankie, and they expressed their love while expressing how excited they were to meet the infant. Cindrich finished by adding, “Cheers to Marilyn!” a second person added:

“Nothing beats hearing a man who adores his family talk about his mother and his newborn child! “It’s seen in your eyes, speech, and soul!”


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Shemar expressed his joy at becoming a parent but expressed regret that his mother could not be present. He said that he was concerned that he would never be able to become a dad, but God had his back and everything was falling into place.

The actor [Shemar Moore] thought his late mother [Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore] was watching and enjoying the arrival of Frankie [Melelina Kapule Moore].


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The actor was close to his late mother and was even spotted with her at several functions. So he made certain that his mother could always visit him at home.

Shemar showed out the plaque in his yard in his video: “This is my son’s residence.” Mom.” He set a tiki torch on the plaque’s head to honor the occasion and described how it had been three years to the day since his mother’s passing.

His mother gave him a tour of his house before he bought it, and they drank wine and champagne and snacked. Marilyn stood in the area where the plaque was eventually installed and told her son about how he’d made his former house lovely and how it had served him well for 13 years.

Shemar’s mother blessed the new house, stating it was her son’s, and then died 13 days later. The actor had the impression that his late mother was watching and applauding Frankie’s arrival.

After Marilyn’s death in 2020, the actor admitted in a social media statement that he missed her more than he had imagined possible. He said that he didn’t know how to live without her, but she gave him strength, and he knew he’d be OK because of her.

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