Sick mother had one last request: for her nurse to adopt her son once she passed away…

As soon as Tricia Somers saw her nurse, Tricia Seaman, she had the impression that there was something unique about her. She went so far as to swear that she had spoken with an angel.

“Before she had even begun to speak, I simply had a feeling of calm. Tricia Somers said, “It felt almost as if someone simply laid a warm blanket over me.  I’ve never felt anything like that before, or any other connection with anybody else.”

When Tricia Somers learned that her disease was imminent, she was a single mother raising her son, Wesley, who was 8 years old.

At that point, Tricia Somers turned to her nurse and said, “Are you able to watch my son?” Will you raise him if I pass away?”

And despite the fact that these two ladies had never met one other before, Tricia Seaman and her husband came to the decision that once Wesley’s mother went away, they would look after Wesley.

It’s been eight years since then. Wesley is now 16 years old and has his driver’s licence for learners.

And he is extremely thankful to the Seamans for taking him in as well as the choice that his mother made before she passed away to give him up for adoption.

“In all honesty, I believe that that was the only option she could think of at the time. And I’m glad each and every day that she went ahead and made that choice,” Wesley added.

Wesley continues to get little presents from his mother that she purchased for him before to her passing in order for him to be able to unwrap them as he got older.

The most recent present that he received from her was a key chain, which she intended for him to use once he began driving.

And Wesley is very grateful to have Tricia Seaman as his guardian; but, Tricia feels just as privileged to be the one who will be assisting in his upbringing at this point.

“He stands out from the crowd. However, the most significant quality that he has is that he possesses a heart that is so kind and caring,” said Tricia Seaman.

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