Simon Cowell Is Happy at Age 63 Being Surrounded by His Son and Fiancée – Yet His ex-girlfriend was not happy when he began dating her so-called “best friend…”

Simon Cowell, who is 63 years old, has been quite successful in making a name for himself. He is a popular TV personality as well as an executive at a record company.

Because he is so good at recognizing talent, he has been invited to serve on the judging panels of a number of other competition events.

In spite of the fact that he has excellent taste in women, the TV celebrity has never been married, as revealed by an investigation into his private life. Lauren Silverman is the person he is currently interested in romantically.

Since 2013, Silverman has been in a relationship with him, and the two of them have a kid together named Eric.

Given their past, one of the guy’s ex-partners saw the news of the kid as a knife in the back, despite the fact that the man who promised never to get married found parenting to be a pleasurable experience for himself.

Cowell, who turned 63 on October 7, 2022, has now been in a relationship with Silverman for some time, and his relationship with Sinitta has much improved since he originally stated that he was in love with her best friend.

Sinitta once explained to her best friend, who she regarded to be her closest confidante, what it was like for her when she found out that the guy she loved was having an affair with her best friend.

“Obviously, it wasn’t the happiest time of my life because I wanted to be with him, but I got over it, and we’ve all lived happily ever after… we’ve all survived to tell the story.”

Sinitta has indicated that she would want to preside over the marriage of Cowell and Silverman now that the group has achieved such success.

Recently, Cowell and his family made an appearance together on the red carpet, and they drew a lot of attention as they made their way down the carpet. This occurred some months after the announcement of the engagement had been made.

Even though the judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” is doing a fantastic job as a father, his ex-girlfriend is doing an even better job raising her two adopted children.

Before deciding to give birth via adoption, she had four unsuccessful pregnancies and one unsuccessful IVF attempt.

She is a single mother, but she has the support of Cowell, who serves as the godfather of her children and makes her feel like the stricter parent by following his fun behavior with them.

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