Simon Cowell shared a rare picture with his wife-to-be, Lauren Silverman, on social media for the first time, who is also his son’s mother

A well-known television personality, Simon Cowell became a first-time father in his forties. He has never married before but is presently engaged to his child’s mother.

For the first time, English TV personality Simon Cowell posted a photo of himself with his future wife, Lauren Silverman, on social media. The couple was holding hands and smiling.

Cowell said that they saw “Romeo and Juliet” on Broadway. The Hollywood A-lister stressed that he and his child’s mother had a great time since the event was a success.

“Last night I saw the premiere of @andjulietbway. Incredible! Incredible! Incredible! Cowell announced it to his 1.8 million Instagram followers. He and his fiancée wore stylish clothing.

The world-famous record boss was dressed in a navy suit with a white shirt. Meanwhile, the Florida native was dressed in a white skirt, a black jacket, a matching top, shoes, and a tiny purse.

At the occasion, Silverman and Cowell stood on a maroon carpet in front of a black backdrop board with the words “Romeo & Juliet” spray painted on it.

Who is the woman from Cowell’s “Dreams” who made him a father at the age of 54?

Cowell had been a bachelor his whole adult life, and by the time he reached his forties, he had given up hope of starting a family with a child. According to David Nolan’s book “Simon Cowell: The Man Who Changed the World,” the “X Factor” star frequently stated that it was too late for him to become a father and that he was pleased with his life:

When questioned about the possibility of having children in 2009, Cowell immediately dismissed the idea, stating that he could not have them. He used the example of kids being bad, which he said would drive him crazy, to explain.

The London native noted that becoming a father necessitates a more consistent schedule and concentration when all he wants to do is “sit in a corner thinking.” He said he had nothing against children because he could interact with them easily.

“I adore children because I can converse with them and listen to them. I most likely blew the opportunity.”

Everything changed, however, when Cowell met New York socialite Sarah Silverman in 2004. He fell in love with her, and despite his convictions, she gave birth to him at the age of 54. Eric Philip, the couple’s son, was born in 2014.

Cowell raved over his infant at the moment and turned to social media, claiming that he never expected to feel so strongly about being a new father:

“I had no idea how much love and pride I’d feel.”

When he asked his son’s mother to marry him, the music magnate felt the same way. Cowell proposed to Silverman on Christmas Eve 2021 during the couple’s holiday to Barbados.

Silverman was “stunned,” according to the source because she never expected a proposal from Cowell. She allegedly shed “happy tears” and said “yes” to him without hesitation.

Furthermore, Cowell was pleased because he proposed to the children in front of them because he adores them. He and Silverman have formed a harmonious mixed family.

They have been through difficult situations together. The mother of two has been a rock for her fiance, especially after he had a back ailment. According to an insider, the amount of support is reciprocal, and the couple has a strong partnership.

Notably, before meeting Silverman, Cowell saw marriage as an “outdated and shackling institution.” According to a source, his beliefs have shifted after meeting “the woman of his dreams,” and he is on cloud nine.

The “Britain’s Got Talent” judge is apparently “organizing” the couple’s wedding, and he has even decided on the number of wedding guests. Cowell revealed that he was keeping the wedding date a secret from everyone, including the bride-to-be.

“I’m organizing everything.” There will be 600 individuals, and things will spiral out of control. “No one knows when it will be—even Lauren will be surprised,” remarked the father of one.

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