Skateboarder in hoodie amazes the public with magnificent piano music

We often assume stereotypes about other people without noticing them.
We judge others and suppose they can only do certain things, even when we don’t know them. Other times, people do things that totally change our viewpoint.

A skateboarder approaches a public piano as the video begins.
Nobody is expecting much, but all of a sudden, he begins playing a difficult song. It turns out to be the Schindler’s List theme song! John Williams composed and performed the music, and it is one of the most well-known contemporary soundtracks. In fact, the film’s soundtrack was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

If you think playing the piano requires a tuxedo or a big stage, this performance will prove you wrong.
We have a mall with a public piano, and a hooded man walks through the crowd. Everyone is taken aback when he starts playing. This is a fantastic lesson on the most important values in life. It’s not about your physical appearance; it’s about your knowledge and skills.

No one cared about his appearance once his fingers began to dance on the ivory and beautiful sounds filled the room.
People came to hear him play, and it didn’t matter how he was dressed!

We’ve all heard about the latest pandemic and coronavirus issues.
We are constantly reminded of the value of social distance, and it appears that performances like this one are no longer taking place in public. Although this was filmed and posted in December 2019, it feels like it happened a long time ago. We all hope that the problem will be fixed soon so that we can enjoy flawless public performances once again.

This man’s playing brings a tear to my eye.
His talent is undeniable, and this will most likely be one of the best videos you’ve seen in a long time.
The man in the video, it turns out, isn’t a skater at all—he’s a professional piano player in disguise.
Let’s be clear: it’s a clever disguise, and we’re not going to let the fact that he’s not a skater detract from his talent.
The Piano Phantom, as he is known on YouTube, has 123,000 subscribers.

He identifies himself as an undercover pianist who makes an impression but leaves no trace.
If you want to learn more about this talented individual, make sure to visit his official website.
One thing that made us think was the writing on “Don’t be. Become. ”
We should all take his advice and work hard to become the people we want to be. It makes no difference what we wear during the process, whether it’s a hoodie or a suit. What matters most is what’s on the inside!

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