Steven Tyler from Aerosmith Spent the Day Making the Dreams of Their Youngest Supporter Come True…

The majority of children place visiting their favourite cheese castle at the very top of their list of things they want to do in their lifetime. However, Eli, a disadvantaged boy who uses a wheelchair, saw his day go from enjoyable to extraordinary.

As one would expect of any parents, Little Eli’s mother and father were overjoyed at the news.

After all, the music of Aerosmith was a staple of our formative years, and who among us could forget “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” or, even better, “Living On the Edge”?

There is no question that Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, did not miss out on any moments with Eli.

During the time they spent together enjoying pizza, games, and a pleasant walk around the cherished eatery, he made Eli feel as like he was the most important person in the world.

After nibbling on a slice of cheesy pizza, Eli got pizza sauce all over his chin, and Steven took the time and care to wipe it off. This was maybe the most touching scene in the story.

His parents wrote the following: “Today, an amazing person made Eli feel as if he were on top of the world, i have no doubt that Eli will never let this day slip his mind.”

We really doubt that Eli or his parents will ever forget the priceless and wonderful experiences they had with their son. Who knew that a rock icon could have such a childlike and sensitive side?


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