Students in high school leave their graduation ceremony only minutes after getting their diplomas to extinguish a fire at the home of a fellow student as they…

After receiving news that there was a fire nearby, a group of students who had just graduated from Port Jefferson High School on Long Island, New York, moved from stepping across the stage to receive their degrees to extinguishing the blaze.

Shortly after the ceremony, the grads, who are also volunteers with the Port Jefferson Fire Department, were busy taking photographs with their families and friends when the fire siren went off three times.

Then, the notifications started ringing and buzzing on their mobile devices. The students stopped what they were doing as soon as they realized it wasn’t simply a normal check, and they hurried to the firehouse that was a few streets away while still dressed in their graduation gear.

Rizzo, who is just 17 years old, related the following story: “We were still in our gowns, and we still had our degrees with us, and we peeled off our robes.”

To react to a structure fire incident at one of their classmates’ houses, two of the students rode in the first engine to arrive at the site, while the other four students rode on a ladder truck.

According to the head of the Port Jefferson fire department, Christian Neubert, the student was also just getting back home after the ceremony.

The fire in the unattached garage on Arlington Avenue was promptly extinguished as a result of the prompt efforts taken by the group. Most significantly, nobody was wounded in all of this.

The evening before graduation, the students were joking about what they would do in the event that there was a fire in the city when the ceremony was taking place. They never in their wildest dreams imagined that it would really take place.

The majority of the six kids had participated in the junior volunteer program of the fire department when they were 14 years old. Since they became 17, they have been active volunteers in their own right.

The youngsters have been praised by the Fire Department of Port Jefferson for their bravery and quick thinking.

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