Stunning beauty! The fashion world is being conquered by a dark-skinned model with a doll-like appearance. Who is she

There are so many stunning women on the planet! Realizing their distinctiveness, some go on to conquer the fashion world, while others join social media and dazzle us with their stunning photographs.

Of course, each has its own special feature.

Today we want to introduce you to Ducky Toth, the most famous model from South Sudan.

The girl is recognized thanks to her exotic appearance, which makes her look like a doll.

It is impossible to forget her once you have seen her.

The model’s remarkable skin color, regular facial features, a snow-white smile, and lovely hair stand out in all of her images.

It’s impossible not to be impressed! Her appearance is flawless.

Ducky became popular thanks to her participation in the project Australia’s Next Top Model (Top model in Australian).

Now the girl is 21 years old and she is successfully building her career and is completely confident in herself.

Although she had previously been bullied on social media regarding her natural hair, skin color and weight.

Now more than 350 thousand people have subscribed to Ducky’s Instagram, who support the girl in every possible way.

She does not mind at all that fans call her “Barbie” and even thinks of releasing a doll similar to herself.

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