Suddenly, the bride and groom step aside so that their parents may be honored with a surprise vow renewal ceremony…

The caring bride and groom organized a wedding vow renewal as a surprise for their parents to take place during the actual ceremony. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Gina and Drew, the bride and groom, both had wonderful parents while they were growing up. Through the example of their own marriages, their parents showed them the importance of love that is not conditional.

So when Gina and Drew first started thinking about their big day, they came up with the idea of surprising their parents by renewing their wedding vows. Even the Pastor was taken aback by this proposal. He informed the guests at the wedding that he had officiated a large number of previous weddings.

But he had never previously seen somebody on their own special day putting their own needs aside in order to honor their parents.

The attendees at the wedding seemed to be perplexed and astonished when the pastor requested the bride and groom to move aside during the wedding ceremony. The pastor then brings up the parents and explains the reason for it, at which point tears started rolling down the cheeks of practically every person in attendance.

After that, he adds “Over the course of more than three decades, you have made a commitment to respect, love, and support one another through life’s ups and downs. You had no idea where life would lead you at the time.

You have made it through both the success and the tragedy that occurred today. Together you have established a life, a family, and a home for yourself. to pay tribute to your unions and to express gratitude for the example you’ve set for others, In the presence of God, your family and friends, Drew and Gina would like to extend an invitation for you to reaffirm your wedding vows today.”

We want to congratulate your parents for being such a wonderful example of what a marriage should be and offer our congratulations to Drew and Gina on their recent marriage.

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