Susan Boyle Moves Audiences to Tears with Moving Performance of ‘Stand By Me’…

Susan Boyle, who is a star on Britain’s Got Talent, has once again shown that she is capable of delivering some of the most powerful performances that the entertainment industry has ever seen.

By releasing a new album the following week, the 58-year-old performer will commemorate the passage of ten years since her first tryout on the well-known reality program. In the meanwhile, she has provided her devoted audience with a chilling performance of the song “Stand with Me.”

The legendary song was first published by Ben E. King in the 1960s, and since then, artists ranging from John Lennon to Seal and Tracy Chapman have performed their own versions of it. Susan will include it on her new album, which is titled Ten.

It was also included on the soundtrack of the film with the same name that was released in 1986, but Susan’s rendition could be the most moving of them all.

The singer who sang “I Dreamed a Dream” uploaded a unique music video of her latest version of the song to social media and shared it with the public.

The Scottish diva can be seen at the beginning of the video clip performing in front of a microphone while dressed in a sparkly dress. She is doing something that she has done several times in the past.

In another scene, a small child sits quietly next her sleeping mother while she watches singers perform on an antique television.

As the song proceeds, listeners learn that the little girl’s mother fulfills her daughter’s childhood wish of becoming a famous performer by taking her daughter to the theater. After some time has passed, it becomes clear that the little girl is meant to be seen as becoming Susan.

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