Susan Sarandon says that being a mother beyond the age of 40 is comparable to a “crazy, sci-fi adventure”…

Susan Sarandon is mostly recognized for her work as an actor, in addition to her very outspoken stances on a variety of social topics and her activism.

In her private life, Sarandon has been married and divorced once, she has also been involved in three relationships that have received significant media attention. Additionally, she is the mother of three children.

In addition, Sarandon has been extremely open about the fact that she plans to have children beyond the age of 40. In 1985, she gave birth to her first child, Eva Amurri, who is now a lifestyle blogger and actress.

In 1989, Sarandon gave birth to her second child, a filmmaker and writer by the name of Jack Henry Robbins, and in 1992, she gave birth to her third child, a musician and actor by the name of Miles Robbins.

Sarandon does not have any regrets about the manner in which she gave birth to her children or the timing of their births.

“Don’t have the kid,” they told me, as if doing so would be harmful to my profession, and they pointed out that I was already very old.”

She went on to say, “I had my first kid when I was 39, and my third child when I was 45, and with each child, (people were like), ‘Are you crazy? Don’t!’”

Sarandon shared some words of wisdom with expectant mothers. “No matter how involved or well-intentioned your baby daddy or spouse is, it is up to you in the beginning,” she added.

She continued by saying, “Try to have the greatest time you can have with the delivery and everything else because it’s a fairly wild, sci-fi journey.” You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to be flawless.

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