Swing Dancers’ breezy, fun routine earned them first place

John Lindo has been on the dance scene for 20 years and knows a thing or two about swing dancing. And, while he may not appear to be your normal dancer, don’t let looks fool you: Lindo is a champion.
He is not just a multiple swing dancing competition winner but also a highly accomplished dance instructor, competition judge, and choreographer.

Lindo is seen in the video below competing in the North Atlantic Dance Championship’s West Coast Swing Jack & Jill category in 2008. Jack and Jill’s contests are when dancers are allocated random partners and must dance to the music spontaneously—no preparations!

Lindo was paired with Deborah Szekely, and they look like they’ve been dancing for years.

They glide over the dance floor with ease and look to be flawlessly in tune. It’s no surprise they won first place for their lighthearted, enjoyable dance.

They not only captivated the audience at the competition, but the YouTube video of their performance has been seen over 8 million times! Check out the incredible dance below:

Lindo is still performing as of 2019. He recently danced with Tatiana Mollmann in the MADjam 2019 Champions Jack & Jill, demonstrating that he is in top shape when it comes to West Coast Swing!

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