Take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s luxury Bel Air mansion…

Jennifer Aniston says that when she purchased the house in 2011, it had just recently been refurbished by the architect Frederick Fisher, and Aniston thought that the transformation did not match preferences as it felt quite cold.

“It was the complete opposite of what I was looking for in terms of aesthetics,” she said. “However, I instantly had the impression that it may work.  It’s difficult to define, but I felt a connection with her.”

The actress collaborated with interior designer Stephen Shadley as well as actor Justin Theroux to transform the area and, as Shadley mentioned, Aniston likes “materials that have actual solidity and depth, such as wood, stone, and bronze.”

Modern furniture, ancient Japanese screens, and concrete flooring all work together to create a beautiful environment in the home.

The land, which used to feature a vineyard, has been turned into a complex of “pocket gardens” and terraces as part of the transformation of the patio into a beautiful, dream-like setting that comfortably accommodated her 70 closest family members and friends for her wedding celebration in 2015.

Despite the fact that Jennifer Aniston’s house has enough of bedrooms for her guests, there is also plenty of space for them to hang out and be entertained as she often invites her friends over for meals and lunches at her home.

Jenn’s Bel Air estate, where she lives with her family, has panoramic views of the greater Los Angeles region as well as the Pacific Ocean.

While Jennifer Aniston’s pool, surrounded by warm wood deck, is unquestionably the central focus of her backyard, she has enlisted the expertise of a number of designers to make it a more relaxing space and for this reason the area is surrounded by Japanese rock gardens, sculptures, and other relaxing installations.

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