Tap to know what these dogs managed to make their owners do…

National Pet Day, which takes place on April 11th, honors the pleasure that pets offer to our lives—and, for many, it is a psychological link between humans and animals.

In fact, over three-quarters of dog parents believe they have the ability to discern the thoughts of their canine pets

Of the 2,000 dog owners who took part in the poll, 74 percent said they were confident in their ability to comprehend what their dog wanted at any given moment. Furthermore, 71 percent believe their dog knows them as well.

Approximately half of those who answered remembered that it took about six months for them to reach that position, after engaging in bonding activities such as throwing a ball or taking them for walks.

Communication skills were first developed when teaching dogs some of the most basic commands, such as “sit,” “lay down,” and “stay.”

Other orders, such as “down,” “dinnertime,” and “no,” required them to discipline their canine companion and took longer:

The majority of dog owners are so familiar with their dogs that even 70% of them regard their canines to be their mini-me since they have similar dispositions.

84 percent of parents who have Guardian dogs or Dedicated Workers (dogs that are dependable, obedient, and high-energy) feel they possess some kind of psychic ability to predict what their dogs want in a situation.

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