Tap to know what crazy thing this bride did when her wedding was cancelled just before the due date…

It seems like a nightmare to have spent two years planning your wedding just to have it cancelled a week before you’re due to walk down the aisle.

It’s totally natural that 25-year-old Sarah Cummins’ initial response was to burst into tears after receiving multiple nonrefundable deposits.

Nonetheless, after notifying her family, friends, and wedding suppliers to handle the practicalities of canceling the Carmel, Indiana wedding, Cummins was determined to find a silver lining in the situation.

Instead of tossing away all of the elaborate food that had been prepared for her 170 attendees, she chose to host a formal dinner for inhabitants of nearby homeless shelters.

Cummins had discussed her choice with her ex-fiancé before making it, and that he supported her desire to assist people in need. It was a chance for them to make something positive out of a difficult circumstance.

She said, “At the very least, I will have some type of nice memory to draw on.”

Local residents went to the site where she was scheduled to have her reception, which is just outside Indianapolis, to feast on bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes, and wedding cake, among other delicacies.

Everyone quite enjoyed their surprise event together.

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