Teen mows lawns so that he and his brother can be adopted, saying “”If anything were to happen to my mother, I’d want to be”…

When Eric Jenkins, Tyce Pender’s stepfather, first began seeing his mother Marcy in 2010, he proposed to her in 2013, so Tyce has a hard time imagining a future where Eric isn’t around.

“Since the age of two, he has functioned as a father figure for me and we have never had to worry about him since he is always there to help us out.

Two years after their wedding, Eric and Marcy contemplated adopting Tyce and his brother Tylee, so they found an attorney who was willing to handle the case on the honor system, though , the family still expects to pay several thousand dollars in further legal fees.

Tyce says: “If anything were to happen to my mother, I’d want to be with Eric. Court charges are expensive, but, as long as I worked hard enough, I was certain that I could afford the adoption expenses.

He used to cut grass with his older brother, so he thought he could simply trim the grasses and approached his mother for a modest business loan to get his company off the ground. Marcy surprised him with a $192 battery-powered lawnmower last month. Over a hundred people responded to his Facebook post asking if anybody needed lawn mowing services.

Marcy took Tyce to his first client’s house, Sarah Larrabee’s, while she waited for him to complete: “Initially, I felt a bit threatened,” Tyce said,”however, she had a little backyard.”

Tyce plans to continue running his lawn care business until he graduates from high school, and expects to make enough money for a specific goal during that time period. Though, Eric said that majority of the adoption expenses will be covered by Marcy and himself.

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