Teenage boy’s eyes welled up with emotions as his classmates gave him this touching gift when they found out that he…

Azie Robinson, who is known for being a kind classmate, is almost usually the one who volunteers to assist his other students. Now, his classmates have made the decision to give back to him in the kindest and most touching manner possible.

Azie is known to be the kid at La Vergne High School who is the most willing to assist other students whenever they are in need of assistance. Recently, when Azie was the one who was going through a difficult time, his other students did not hesitate to offer their assistance to him.

Kerolos Girgis and another young guy enter a classroom and go up to Azie with the intention of presenting him with a gift in a video that was taken by one of his classmates.

The males then proceed to explain to Azie that since he has been assisting others in the classroom, it is now their turn to assist the other students.

Azie is taken aback by the kind act, and he quickly moves on to ripping open the beautifully wrapped gift. As the gift is opened and a box of shoes is shown, Azie realizes that he is at a loss for words.

It turns out that the gift in question is a brand new pair of Nike sneakers!

Everyone in the classroom started crying very immediately after Azie, who was experiencing an extreme amount of feelings, broke down in tears.

After knowing that Azie was going through a difficult moment, it would seem that Kerolos has bought the pair of shoes with his own money in order to show his support for her. The pair of fresh new sneakers is merely one component of the gift.

A pile of new clothing is given to Azie by the other students as a sign of the support they have for both Kerolos and Azie.

Azie’s classmates were completely taken aback when they found out the video had gone viral as when they made the decision to publish it on social media, all they wanted to do was offer their fellow student some support and express the love that they had for them.

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