Teenage hero puts his own life in danger to save a mother and three children who are trapped inside a burning car…

A mother and her three children were unable to escape a burning automobile until a young guy called Justin, who was just 18 years old, rushed to their aid.

A man named Justin Gavin from Connecticut said that he was strolling along a nearby street when he saw an SUV that was engulfed in flames.

Because there were no cops on the scene just yet, Justin took matters into his own hands and assisted the distressed family.

Justin explained his reasoning by saying, “I simply had the feeling that if I were in that circumstance, I would want someone to assist me out. I suppose my natural inclinations took control.”

When Justin was assisting the lady in getting out of her burning automobile, he quickly became aware of something that was going on. In addition to that, there were three kids crammed inside the vehicle!

According to Captain Michael DaSilva of the Waterbury Police Department, “As the flames became bigger, Justin grabbed all three of the kids out of the vehicle, including a one-year-old infant who was in a car seat.”

“It sort of became worrisome because I didn’t know whether I was going to be able to get everyone out in time,” Justin recounted. “And to my good fortune, I did.”

A “challenge coin” was given to Justin by Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo as a token of appreciation for the valor and selflessness he displayed during the incident.

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