Teenager hides in closet and dials 911 out of fear that robbers would hear her; operator asks her to enter a secret code…

After hearing that her home had been broken into, a California girl of 15 years old was very terrified for her safety after hearing the alarm system go off. As she hurried up the stairs to her parents’ bedroom, she grabbed the phone and immediately placed a call to the emergency services.

The fast thinking of a dispatcher helped save the girl’s life and “gave her the fortitude to go through the scariest time of her life,” as the dispatcher put it.

Doyin Oladipupo, who was 15 years old at the time, could hear Angie Rivera, a senior police dispatcher with 12 years of experience, on the other end of the phone.

Doyin was there when the burglars broke into her house. She toldthat in her fear, she “took off my shoes because I didn’t want them to hear me and I grabbed phone.”

After that, Angie inquires, “Where are you? Are you now present in the bedroom?” Doyin’s response is, “I’m sitting in the closet that belongs to my parents.”

Doyin was able to hear the intruders approaching her hiding position more closely and after a few moments have passed, Angie approaches Doyin with the question of whether or not she can still hear the burglars.

A man’s voice can be heard in the background saying, “Bring the, bring the bucket over here,” before Doyin has even had a chance to respond. They knew it was one of the thieves when they heard him.

Angie was able to overhear every single word of the discussion that the robbers were having as they got closer to Doyin.

Angie then gave Doyin the instruction to simply respond with yes or no by touching the phone.

Doyin was kept calm and quiet by Angie as police vehicles and a chopper were on their way to the scene, so the burglars were quickly captured as soon as they walked out into the driveway, where they were confronted by a squadron of law enforcement agents.

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