Texas Man Fakes His Wife’s Signature On Their Divorce Papers And Divorces Her Without Her Knowledge, However, To His Disappointment…

Aman from Texas is currently on the run from the law enforcement after it was discovered that he had crafted his wife’s signature on their divorce papers and perjured himself during a divorce hearing.

Paul Nixon, age 51, is wanted by the police in Harris County, Texas, on suspicion that he faked the identities of both his wife and a notary public on official court papers.

According to the police report, Nixon submitted the application to a court on February 15th. After waiting another two months, he files the necessary documents to formally end his marriage and therefore put an end to the marriage.

In May, Nixon’s wife made the startling revelation that she had been divorced without her knowledge and immediately contacted the authorities.

After the discovery by authorities of the counterfeit divorce documents that Nixon had signed personally, he is now wanted for the more serious offense of aggravated falsification.

According to Nixon’s wife, her husband initiated the divorce process without obtaining her knowledge or approval, and he also finished the procedure without obtaining her knowledge or consent.

She did not learn the information until after all of the processes were through and the court had issued the final divorce judgment. If found guilty of violating federal law, Richard Nixon might be sentenced to as much as 10 years in prison and incur other consequences.

According to the laws of each state, perjury is a crime that carries a minimum jail term of one year, in addition to possible monetary penalties and community service.

In spite of all of his efforts, he was not successful in getting a divorce. On the other hand, his wife will probably definitely comply with his request even if he is now behind bars.

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