The amazing photographs of this granny, who is 96 years old, demonstrate that age is only a number when it comes to style…

Alice Pang, who is 96 years old, is proving that it is never too late to accomplish one’s wish by modeling for high-end labels like Gucci, Ellery, and Valentino.

Alice, a native of Hong Kong, has been known to refer to herself as one of the “silver-haired models,” and at this point in her life, she maintains an appearance that is as bit as beautiful and sophisticated as that of models who are many decades younger than she is.

Alice discussed the thought process that led her to decide, at the age of 93, to pursue a career in modeling.

Alice claims that her granddaughter came across an advertising looking for senior models, which sparked the beginning of her successful modeling career. Alice said that she had not first been interested in her new work, but as time went on, she gradually developed an interest in it.

Alice’s modeling career took off like a rocket because to her naturally beautiful features, which set her apart from the majority of her contemporaries in terms of complexion and posture. According to the model, who is now 96 years old, she never followed a rigorous exercise routine to keep her health and posture in good shape.

“I have a fair complexion since I don’t spend much time in the sun and because my back is naturally straight, though, i know that exercising is beneficial to your health, and many people go to the gym first thing in the morning, but I don’t,” she added.

She stated that she had been used to dressing up and appearing in front of the cameras as a result of her husband’s habit of taking her to social events with him back when he worked for the Olympics as a secretary.

In addition to that, Alice has always taken great pleasure in dressing up and looking her best. Therefore, even though she is already far into her 90s, the world of modeling is not truly foreign to her at all.

However, it is not all flash and glamour since there are many who believe that she should dress in a manner that is proper for her age. Alice, on the other hand, chooses to disregard those who criticize her fashion choices.

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