The audience did this when Kelly Clarkson had to stop performing

Just one minute into Kelly’s performance, Keith begins to fall apart. After another two minutes, tears streamed down his cheeks—and he wasn’t the only one:
Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol, is known for bringing a level of intensity and genuine passion to a song that few vocalists can match. She brought that talent to her 2016 performance of Piece by Piece to close out the 15th season of American Idol. Keith Urban couldn’t stop crying that night because her appearance on stage was so overwhelming.

American Idol’s Kelly made her debut as the winner of American Idol’s talent show years ago. She returned for what many thoughts was the final season of the show (ABC resurrected it in 2017) to take center stage and sing one of her songs. Even though she was pregnant, she had everyone’s attention from the moment she walked onto the stage.

Greg Kurstin and she worked together on the song. The song was clearly very meaningful to Kelly and full of genuine emotions, not just based on what she had done.

Just minutes into her performance, Kelly amazed both the judges and the audience. She was moved by the lyrics of the song so much that she had to fight back tears as she sang them.

She had difficulty keeping going with the song for a short time, displaying a level of energy rarely seen on stage by music superstars like Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly is known not only for her incredible skills but also for the unusual and near-immediate connection she develops with audiences who hear her perform live. Her fans are moved by her intensity and emotion in every performance.

When she had to stop performing because she became overloaded, the audience erupted in applause.
The audience began to yell, “Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!” to encourage her to keep singing. She finished the song with a standing ovation and a sincere thank you from Keith Urban and the other judges.

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