The audience of Britain’s Got Talent was moved to tears by the singer’s performance of “Caruso…”

The following video captures the moment when a young opera singer sang an Italian love ballad from 1986 that was made famous by the performances of artists such as Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

During his audition for Britain’s Got Talent, Maxwell Thorpe performed a nerve-racking performance that surprised the audience with the difficult piece that was written by Lucio Dalla and dedicated to one of the most prolific operatic tenors of all time, Enrico Caruso.

When it came time for him to perform, the opera singer, who was 32 years old, admitted to the panel of judges that he was “extremely apprehensive.”

Maxwell disclosed that he has been performing in Sheffield as a busker for the last ten years and that, in his experience, he “occasionally sings to people who aren’t listening.”

As soon as Thorpe started to sing, the panel of judges and the audience were taken aback by the sudden change in his normally timid demeanor.

As the wistful tune came to an end, there was a little period of stillness on the stage, and the audience eventually rose to its feet to give the performer a well-deserved standing ovation.

The British Got Talent contestant received a lot of acclaim from Simon Cowell, who told him, “You’re going for the big time. Wow, Maxwell, that was very impressive. In all seriousness, you come off as timid and subdued, and then something like that takes place.

“I think it took it to an unbelievable level,” Simon said next.

The response from the panel was unanimous, with Alesha Dixon expressing her astonishment by exclaiming, “Wow, wow, wow! Literally as soon as you began singing, the hairs on my arms sprang up.

It simply gave me the emotions of being romantic, strong, and profound all at the same time.

The Sheffield singer received more appreciation from Amanda Holden, who said, “I hope that going ahead you feel more valued because these folks were on their feet for you. I really hope that response did something positive for your self-confidence because you deserve more than to stand on the sidewalk.

After Maxwell was given a positive verdict by all four judges, the judges turned around in their chairs to face the joyful crowd that was located behind them.

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